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your premier online platform for sourcing electrical automation spare parts from top-notch brands such as SICK, ABB, SIEMENS, and SCHNEIDER. We are committed to revolutionizing the supply chain for multinational companies in the MENA region, providing a seamless and efficient procurement experience.

At Indusens, we understand the critical role that spare parts play in ensuring the smooth operation of automation systems


One of our key advantages is our ability to deliver fast and efficient supply processes. With our streamlined online platform, you can easily browse, select, and order the required parts with just a few clicks

Even for non-stock items, we go the extra mile to provide the best lead time in the industry. Leveraging our strong network and relationships with suppliers, we strive to source and deliver even the most specialized components within the shortest possible timeframe

our online presence allows us to reach customers across the MENA region, offering convenience and accessibility. With Indusens, you can rely on a reliable and trusted partner for all your electrical automation spare part needs, regardless of your location.

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